Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Cards!

I sent the girls Princess Valentines Day cards and this is the picture i got at school the next day :) I showed everyone i knew :) i love you girls!


Taylor and I both curled our hair today and decided to take a picture. I love you Taylor Marie Anderson!


Yes, yes i know that i haven't blogged in 4 months. I can't really use the excuse that nothing ever goes on in my life, i just never take pictures.....dang it. I'm sorry, i will start doing better; so anyways...

Yesterday (Valentines Day) was a dance called Sweethearts and i got asked! By Thomas, and he goes too Kearns. I'll give you a little run down of the night even though regretfully, i have no pictures. First for the day activity we went paintballing! Crazy, i know. It was his idea though, so i had no choice. It went good though because guess what... i didn't get shot! Not once! I was very happy because i thought i might cry if it hurt too bad...yes i'll admit it. But anyways that went good i hit like 2 or 3 people and didn't get hit once. Then we went home and got ready, and of course the parents had too take the awkward pictures ha ha, it was great. Then we decided too go to Olive Garden for dinner... which was the worst idea seeing that it was Valentines Day and everybody and their dogs were going to be out, (that's what his mom said) so we decided to go tooo Red Lobster because the line wasn't out the door, and we waited 2 hours anyway. Yes, two hours in what I was wearing in the picture. But, he was a good date and made it not so horrible. After dinner we went to the dance for about a half hour then it was over, so we went bowling! It was super fun I got 103, and i'm very glad a broke 100. He got 129 and demolished us all.. but that's okay! It was overall a very fun night!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Taylor & Peyton !

i love you my beautiful girls. you brighten up my life. i'm so glad you were born :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cool Things I Did Too Pictures (: lol

What are you talking about? Sundays aren't boring at all?

Homecoming & a few random pics lol

Well Well Well, this was Homecoming(: It was super de duper fun . I went with Spencer Harcastle, We have known eachother since we were kiddies . But anywho, for the day activity [which i don't have any pictures of] we went and saw "Lake View Terrace" and i thought it was a pretty good movie. Then at night we went too Alex's house and took pictures, then went to "The Old Spaggeti Factory" [i know i did not spell that right!] then too the dance ! It was just a fun filled night and i had a lot of fun at my first actual dance. &i will be sixteen in three days, go me.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

BYU game !

My very first BYU game ! WOOT ! It was sooo fun . I sat by Marcus, Brittany, Lynn, &Cerise ! It was a way cool experience, i had tonz of fun, even tho it was suppppa hot ! but thats okay(: so yeah thanks Brittany & Marcus for answering all my questions about football, it was so amazing too see it in person..... let's just say it's a little different than watching it on t.v. (: A BIG thanks too Katie and T.J. for drivin me there, and takin me too sweet E.Z. Take Out Burger . It was Awesome:D I love you guys sooooo much.